Guide to Building Strong Legs With Thigh Exercises

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We use them everyday when we walk and run and play. For most of the physical things we do they cam into play. Our legs play an important part in our daily lives that we must make sure they are strong enough to do the things we want to physically. For those who are into fitness and bodybuilding machines are not necessary if you want to have well toned thighs. You can build strong legs you want by doing some basic thigh exercises. Here are some exercises you can do.


Squats work the Gluteus maximus, hamstrings, abductors, and quads. Here is how to do squats.

1) Stand with a barbell of manageable weights, keep your legs apart, should length.

2) Bring your hips down towards the floor as you were sitting. As you squat try to keep your eyes up towards the ceiling.

3) At the lower end of the squat once you feel a slight strain on the thighs return to the standing position. Repeat this movement for 12 -15 repetitions.

When doing squats it is important that you keep your back straight. Never allow your back to move forward as this will shift the focus of the weight and can cause you injury. Also when into the squat do not squat to far below the point where your thighs are parallel to the floor. If you are unable to keep your heels on the floor during this exercise then place a one to two inch piece of board under your heels.


Lunges primarily work the gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, and the hamstrings. Take up any exercise magazine and you will see different variations of this exercise.

1) Stand with your feet slightly apart. With the barbell behind your neck take a step forward with your right leg and keeping your left leg stationary. Make this step about three feet.

2) Lower your back knee downwards and keep your front heel on the floor. Your front knee should be centered over your foot.

3) Keep your upper body straight and tighten your abdominals. Push upwards and return to the starting position. Do a couple of sets of 12- 15 repetitions.

When doing lunges you can opt for dumbbells instead of a barbell. If you use dumbbells make sure you keep your arm close to your sides. Never lock your knees when you return to the starting position. You can vary this exercise by doing walking lunges instead.

Step Ups

This exercise works the gluteus medius and maximus, and the hamstrings. Here is how you do Step Ups.

1) With weight is both hands position yourself in front of a platform or step.

2) Put your left foot on the platform and put your weight to the heel, then step up onto the platform.

3) Step down from the platform and repeat using the same lead leg. Once you have completed your sets switch lead legs and do the same. Do three sets for each leg.

The key to this exercise is to make sure the platform is high enough to work the muscles properly. You can also use dumbbells with this exercise to add some more resistance. Before you do any of these exercises you should always warm up for up to 10 minutes doing cardio. Also you should do some lite stretching after you have warmed up. Drink a lot of water to keep the muscles hydrated.

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