Five Tips on How to Deal with Adult Acne Naturally

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If someone who is dealing with acne for the first time in your life as an adult, or you could have had acne all your life; whatever the case, it is discouraging and affects your self-esteem.  Regardless of whether or you are new to this or an old pro, you’ve certainly tried numerous products that have left you disappointed.  Here you’ll see by tips on how to deal with adult acne naturally.  The best part is that most of these ingredients are already in your kitchen and all you need is a little bit of time to prepare his home remedies and apply acne

Adult Acne Home Remedies

1.  Baking soda and water mixed into a paste and apply directly on the face for about 15 minutes will definitely help with your adult acne.  Use Apple cider vinegar mixed with water to rinse the solution off your skin.  The solution of the rinse would be made with one part of the Apple cider vinegar to 8 parts water.

2.  Fresh parsley is an excellent product to use a skin.  Use an infusion of it to wash your face.

3.  Peppermint and mint are antiseptics that work great on pimples.  Chop up either of these two items into very small pieces and boil.  Allow to cool, place it in a glass jar with a tight cover to store.  Then, morning and night, wash your face with this solution.

4.  Garlic is a natural antibiotic.  Dealing with one pimple, just apply a slice of garlic or a clove of garlic to rub directly on the pimple.  If you are dealing with a larger scaled problem, then mash several cloves garlic that have been peeled, and apply them all over your face, avoiding the eye area.

5.  Wine can also do the trick with adult acne.  If you are fair skinned, use white wine; darker skin tones should use red wine.  All that is required is to apply some wine onto a cotton ball and then apply it directly on the pimples.


Afterwards, you should rinse your skin, properly.  You can use lavender as it is an antiseptic; chamomile tea, as it purifies; thyme as it is a powerful germ killer; Yarrow as a detoxifies, for example.  Also diluted lemon juice will help to kill germs.

Of course, logically, you would avoid using any product that you are allergic to it if that is the case.  Also you can use one or all of these tips, however, you would never use them in combination.  Also, if you have used different solutions, you should allow your skin to rest a while before trying the above tips.

Share this to your friends & family