Fitness Tips to Building Core Strength

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building core strengthBuilding core strength is of the utmost importance when partaking in a fitness regime. No matter what age, the individual must dedicate enough time to get some physical activity into his or her schedule. Walking or running or other aerobic exercise is highly recommended, but so too is strengthening the core of the body. Below are some helpful tips to building core strength that will make you stronger, firmer and even flatten the belly…


There are numerous exercises to accomplish this and most do not require anything in terms of equipment. Some may require dumbbells to make the exercises more effective. For those just starting off, they can do so without weights, simply by using their own body weight and gravity. These exercises will also work several muscles in different locations of the body, meaning that even though the core is the targeted area, the chest, back, thighs, buttocks, or others muscle groups will also benefit.

The first recommended tip to building core strength is an exercise that we are all familiar with:¬† push-ups. Women have, in the past practiced “women’s push-ups” where they rest their knees on the surface. Certainly, there will be some benefit, but one should always aim at the real thing.

There are different ways to do proper push-ups and each will target different muscle groups in the arms, chest and back, but they will always target the abdominal muscles, burning off fat with each set. For best results, refer to the video below which demonstrates  proper push-ups, as well as showing the targeted muscle groups in the different methods used.

The next tip to build core strength is lunging. Lunges will help to work out the lower part of the body, like thighs, hips and buttocks. In other words, these two exercises, the lunges and the push-ups will prove to work out both the upper and lower body as well as strengthen the core. Try to do several repetitions of three sets of each of these recommended exercises and you will see a noticeable difference in how you look and feel. To make these more challenging, use weights.


Share this to your friends & family