Fitness Tips — Secret to a No Effort Firm Butt

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no effort hard assRegardless of age, being firm and fit is a trait that many aim for. In this quest, it may seem as though getting a firm butt is an impossible feat. No doubt, it isn’t the easiest thing to achieve, if you don’t know the way to go about it. In fact, with regular exercise, like walking or running and the secret to a no effort firm butt, you too can bare your bottom with pride.

The key to getting a firm butt is to clench and release the buttocks muscles throughout the day. This can be done at work while sitting behind the desk, or while driving to work, during meal preparations, watching television or any other activity.

There is literally no reason to settle for sagging skin and butt. If you are questioning this form of non-exercise, actor Jean-Claude Van Damme who always had an exceptional body and famous butt, stated on the Tonight Show that he kept his butt firm by contracting and releasing the buttocks as much as possible.

The trick is to stay committed to this technique and it is recommended to clench and release the muscles quickly, 10 times. On the tenth time, hold the muscles clenched for 10 seconds. Release and begin again. It is that simple to have a no effort firm butt!

Share this to your friends & family