With the skin can raw and inflamed, and possibly with a crusted top, even steroid creams can’t provide the soothing relief eczema sufferers are looking for. Not only is there pain and inflammation, but there is an interruption in life’s daily activities, including interrupted sleep. The lack of sleep or the poor quality sleep affects other aspects of your life, making it difficult to concentrate and even stay awake. Eczema sufferers will try anything to find that relief, so here are some eczema home remedies to calm inflammation and let you get on with your days and nights.


Wet Wraps Eczema Home Remedies for Restful Sleep

Wet wraps can soothe and calm the inflamed skin. The end result is leaving the skin feeling more supple and less irritated, allowing you to sleep better.

Wet wraps involve two layers of tubular cotton bandaging. The bandages are placed directly on the dry, itchy skin.

First, apply a thick layer of ointment on the affected area just before going to bed.

Cut equal strips of tubular cotton bandages to completely cover the affected area.

Dip one of the tubular cotton bandages in warm water and wring out the excess. Place this bandage directly onto the affected area.

Place a dry strip of tubular cotton bandage right on top of the wet bandage.

In applying these bandages, it relieves much of the itch and protects the individual from scratching and further damaging the skin while sleeping. If the hands are affected, you can also wear mittens. For the feet, put on a pair of cotton socks on top of the bandages.

Eczema really can’t be cured, and when doctors don’t know what else is causing your inflammation, they often call it dermatitis. The fact is that something identified or unidentified is triggering the symptoms. If you can uncover which foods or fabrics, detergents or other chemicals perhaps are the cause, then you can live a life free of eczema flareups but in the meantime, use wet wraps eczema home remedies to soothe the itch.

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