Prevention starts at a young age. To reduce the risk of developing breast cancer, you need to start as young as possible. Diets today, for whatever reason are lacking fiber. To reduce the risk of developing breast cancer at a later age, start eating more fiber today. This is from the latest study published in Pediatrics Journal, which shows that eating a diet high in fiber while still in your teens can drastically reduce the risk of developing this deadly disease later on in life. Foods to prevent breast cancer in the study showed that women who enjoyed high-fiber diets reduce the risk of cancer by up to 19%. It is believed that breast cancer is linked to sex steroid hormone levels. Fiber inhibits the reabsorption of estrogen, preventing excessive amounts of estrogen from circulating within the bloodstream. So, it will lower your sex steroid hormone levels.

Fiber will also stabilize blood sugar levels. That said, researchers behind the study also believe that the results could be related to insulin sensitivity. Other studies demonstrated exactly how fiber is beneficial in the prevention of ovarian and colorectal cancer, as well as many other illnesses. Moreover, it can help to manage your weight. However, this is the first time a study demonstrates the link between the prevention of breast cancer and an increased fiber intake.

The lead researcher in the study, Maryam Farvid, explained that the teenage years are “a period when breast cancer risk factors appear to be particularly important.” In a CBS news interview, she stated that an additional 10 g of fiber intake per day during adolescence. The exposure to carcinogens at a young age, and in early adult life, may increase the chances of developing breast cancer with age. This is evident in wormen who were young girls exposed to radiation from the Hiroshima atomic bombing.

There is evidence to suggest that fiber is vital to avoiding the development of breast cancer, although the results may be skewed due to the fact that women studied had to remember their diets in their teenage years, some decades later.

Foods to Prevent Breast Cancer in the Future

Still, the study included 44,000 women that provided these significant results. Now, armed with this information, we must use it accordingly. The important thing is for girls to consume 28 grams of fiber per day to reduce the risk of developing cancer. This includes eating raw fruits and vegetables, beans or pulses, and nuts.


Resource: Pediatrics Journal