Healthier Americans?

Americans are trying to eat healthier, this in a study that examines adults between 2005 and 2010. They’re eating more fiber and less cholesterol, and less fat and saturated fat. The four areas of diet quality in the study were a percent of calories from fat,  saturated fat, total cholesterol and  fiber intake.



The reports findings included, but were not limited to:

  • Eating less calories, by 188.
  • Eating less meals and snacks per month, when away from the home.Cholesterol intake declined by 24mg per day.
  • Fiber intake increased by 1.2 g per day.

While it is somewhat informative, it would have been better if the information demonstrated consumption rates of key food groups. That would help to determine what decisions adults were making to follow a balanced, healthy diet.

We still don’t know whether people are eating more fruits and vegetables, or where they’re getting their protein from. Or, how they’re eating patterns have changed throughout the years. Another fair question would be where Americans are getting the increased fiber from, or if exercise is playing any role in their lives.