Antioxidants are the key to preventing and even reversing LDL cholesterol from oxidizing in the blood, thus causing blockage of the arteries, which leads to heart disease. Antioxidants are definitely in anti-aging news no matter where you turn. That’s simply because they can do a lot of good, in many different ways. An individual can cure and reduce high cholesterol naturally with certain vitamins…

The first vitamin that is helpful in this quest is Vitamin E. In studies, high levels of Vitamin E, in both humans as well as animals show lower levels of arterial problems because this vitamin attacks the free radicals in the blood, inhibiting them from oxidizing as it destroys them.

It is one of the compounds, Alpha-topopherol in Vitamin E that accomplishes most of this task. There are other compounds, however, they are still under investigation with regards to what they can accomplish in terms of fighting heart disease.

How much Vitamin E can cure and reduce high cholesterol naturally?

Even if you eat a healthy diet, you can’t get enough to help with reducing high cholesterol. That means that supplementing the diet with a vitamin supplement is necessary. In a regular diet, it is recommended to take 30 IU but this is nowhere near the amount suggested by experts. In fact, experts in this field recommend a minimum of 400 IU and as high as 800 IU.

However, it is imperative that anyone who wishes to naturally reduce high cholesterol levels talk to a medical professional so that there are no other complications. For instance, a dosage above the 800 IU mark could interfere with Vitamin K in the body, as well as anything above 600 IU could interfere with anti-coagulating medications.

In addition to increasing the amount of Vitamin E, it is essential for an individual who wants to reduce high cholesterol naturally that Vitamin C is added to the diet as well. The reason for this is straightforward: Vitamin C keeps repairing Vitamin E in the bloodstream. In other words, Vitamin E remains fortified with the help it gets from the C vitamin.

Vitamin C can also be responsible directly for the natural cholesterol reduction. Studies showed that it helps to augment HDL cholesterol levels, which is the good cholesterol.

The recommended daily values of vitamins and minerals are safe levels meant to avoid deficiencies in people. However, these modest daily values cannot protect against diseases, and in this case, will do nothing to improve cholesterol. Again, it is important to speak with your doctor before increasing the amounts of these vitamins.

Although these two impressive vitamins can do so much to help you reduce the LDL cholesterol levels, you must be committed to making some lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking, exercising, achieve ideal weight, increase daily fiber intake, eating more fruits and vegetables and reducing the consumption of saturated fats. A real effort in combination with supplementing the diet with the above vitamins will prove beneficial for anyone who wants to reduce high cholesterol naturally and without the need for pharmaceutical medications which are often linked with several side-effects.