Sugar Cravings May Indicate Health Issues

Sugar is the only food item we eat that we don’t require in our diets. Studies have been conducted in universities and labs that demonstrate the addiction to sugar. Lab rats, for example, become more addicted to sugar than to COCAINE! It’s no wonder also why there is such an increase in cancers and other chronic and autoimmune diseases. What’s more is that sugar is found in virtually everything we eat because food manufacturers have made the addictive correlation between humans and sugar, so it’s a great way for them to make more money.  This is just ONE REASON. As a result, you eat sugar and crave more. By the end of the evening, you’re looting your pantry to get your fix. Unfortunately, this ends up causing you so much harm.



Parasites! Yup. More people have parasites than we can imagine. The parasites lurk in the system, demanding sugar. They thrive on sweets. Well, so to speak. In fact, parasites thrive in the environment created as a result of eating sugar. In essence, after satisfying your craving, your body accumulates excess mucus, which is exactly what parasites, bacteria, and fungus require to reproduce.

How Parasites Destroy the Body and Mind

When bacteria, fungus, and parasites live in the intestines, they wreck havoc by tapping your energy. Then, the sugar cravings begin again. You’re in a vicious circle, eating with an insatiable appetite for sweets. Then, these unwanted guests leave their gifts behind–their feces. Plus, they live happily within the fat deposits. The greater the parasite population, the more weight gain you experience.

How to Get Rid of Parasites

Being a host to a parasitic infestation affects your health in many ways. They take away your energy, they may cause bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and more. Your goal should be to get rid of parasites and other unwanted guests in your system.
An unhealthy gut leaves you with brain fog and an overall feeling of fatigue.
Undergoing a parasite cleansing is the answer. You can buy a specialized natural product that works extremely well, or buy a couple of products easily found in grocery stores or health stores. The latter may have positive effects, and is worth a try.

Homemade Parasite Cleansing

Ingredients to buy:
100 grams Linseed
10 grams of dried cloves
With the help of a coffee grinder, grind both ingredients finely into a powder.
In a glass of room-temperature filtered water, add two tablespoons of the powder and drink each morning for three days. Alternatively, sprinkle the powder onto your breakfast cereal or yogurt.
After the 3-day period, take three days off, and repeat for one month.
Note: Parasites can come without warning, and everyone has parasites to some extent. Doing a parasite cleanse twice a year will ensure your gut remains healthy and free from these harmful and unwanted guests.