Collagen Injections or Restylane

collagen injections

If you’re wondering whether you should have collagen injections or Restylane, then you should investigate a little further.  Collagen is a protein found in the tissues of animals and humans.  40% of the proteins in our bodies is actually collagen.  Keratin is also a protein.  The two combined are responsible for the elasticity in the skin.  As we age, collagen degrades.  That is how the skin begins to change and wrinkles begin to form.  Organic collagen injections cost different types of side effects, such as swelling, itchiness and rashes in places that have been injected.  For these reasons, many in the medical community have stopped using collagen.

The Benefits of Restylane

Synthetic collagen is now being utilized instead of the latter.  Restylane is a wrinkle filler, and is also another alternative.  The benefits are the same, but they do not have the uncomfortable side effects.  In comparing these two products alongside Botox, most people prefer the wrinkle fillers.  The reason for this is simply because Botox freezes the muscles.  No further damage is caused to the skin in terms of deepening lines or wrinkles, because the skin does not or cannot do not way, due to the freezing.

Why You Might Want to Avoid Botox

Another reason why people shy away from Botox is because it is an actual poison.  Although Botox is used by medical professionals and such small amounts, it is believed to not have any side effects.  However, the long term side effects have not yet been discovered, if there are any.  This is because this product is quite new, i.e.  its use in cosmetics procedures has only been in recent years.  Yet another reason why people opt for other solutions is because cosmetic Botox often gives the individuals a surprised look, because they cannot make natural facial expressions.