More promising news on health today as researchers show that anti-AIDS drugs, when given to those individuals that are  HIV-positive can greatly reduce the virus being transmitted to other partners by an astounding 96%! This is new breakthrough in HIV prevention is definitely the breakthrough of our times.

This is the most prominent clinical trial that confirms HIV treatment with anti-AIDS drugs, also known as antiretroviral drugs. Such treatments were suggested in the past, but this first and large scaled study (1763 couples) conducted by  NIAID proves them to be true. The study, led by Dr. Myron Cohen of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which began in 2005, was scheduled to be completed in a few years, but was terminated early due to the fascinating results, indicating great benefits to the patient as well as the partner.

This breakthrough in HIV prevention is huge, with scientific evidence to support it and shows promise with regards to controlling transmission from one partner to another.