Best Treatment for Toenail Fungus

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Treatment for toenail fungus varies greatly. Many people suffer with a condition called toenail fungus or onychomycosis. In fact, an estimated 48% of people residing in the United States suffer with toenail fungus in at least one toe by the time they reach 70 years old.

Onychomycosis is actually quite common and the risk of developing the condition goes up according to your age. Toenail fungus is highly contagious and easily transmittable from one person to another. However there are some effective natural toenail fungus solutions for the problem.

Onychomycosis is a serious condition that causes disfiguration as well as discoloration, eventually destroying the nail. Toenail fungus is caused by a fungi referred to as dermatophytes; which is fueled by a moist warm environment.

These Dermatophytes are destructive because they invade and feed on keratin which is what the hard surface of toenails is constructed from. When the toenails become infected by the fungus you will see them turn yellow or brown. These infected toenails will thicken and become malformed. The nail can become so thick that it makes it uncomfortable to wear shoes. Untreated toenails can eventually fall off which is why toenail fungus treatment is so important.

There are several factors that may contribute to the outbreak of toenail fungus. A moist warm habitat creates the perfect environment for fungal growth. The most common areas for outbreaks of onychomycosis are public gyms, shower stalls and swimming pools. This would suggest that the disease can spread easily from toe to toe and person to person.

Developing toenail fungus is also linked to a lack of care in personal hygiene. If you are not drying between the toes regularly, keeping your feet clean and changing your shoes, socks and stockings as necessary you will be more likely to develop this problem. Those individuals who have chronic health ailments and immune disorders are also have a higher risk of getting fungus on their toenails.

Using natural home remedies to treat toenail fungus has proven to be effective. These home remedies include eating a diet with a high level of beneficial bacteria or probiotics, warm water and natural apple cider vinegar, oregano and olive oil or Listerine mouthwash.

One of the most common natural toenail fungus treatments is tea tree oil. This oil is often suggested by physicians because it is cost-effective and free of side effects which prescription medications can sometimes cause. Tea tree oil has natural antifungal properties and should be used as a topical treatment only. Physicians recommend that you use 100% tea tree oil.

The tea tree oil is applied on the surface of the toenail and also to the surrounding skin if it is affected by the fungus. This treatment for toenail fungus plan should also include frequent washing of your feet several times a day. For this you can use either a tea tree oil soap or tea tree oil shampoo. Ask your doctor before using this natural nail treatment and remember that any overuse can cause irritation of the skin.

Best Treatment for Toenail Fungus

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