Beginner Raw Food Recipes – Tips To Make Your Journey Easier

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Many people who decide to embrace a raw food diet, whether it be totally-raw, or high-raw, decide to do so for a variety of reasons.

Some people might be facing a life-threatening illness, others simply want to feel better, and others might just have read something that has sparked in them, an interest to try it out.

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense, after all, to eat foods as nature intended, raw and unprocessed.

Change of any kind, however, is never easy. Altering one’s diet is certainly not. And it’s for this reason that I believe that the change should be gradual and achievable.

Too many people plunge in headfirst without exploring recipes, combinations, and resources. Consequently, they often fail to experience the well-being that they thought would be theirs, and they give up.

Please don’t fall into this category. The journey to raw should be taken gently and carefully to ensure success and the will to keep going.

Breakfast feasts!

One of the easiest ways to inject change is at breakfast.

With a reliable and efficient blender, you can make the most amazing smoothies that not only taste good, but are nourishing, energizing and satisfying. They take such a short time to prepare, and with experimentation you will be able to enjoy the satisfaction of making a nourishing breakfast that your whole family will adore.

What better way of ensuring your children have greens than through drinking smoothies?

A word of caution though! Remember to introduce the green side of things very gradually to your children. You want to have them enjoying these drinks (and perhaps have them asking for more!), so take baby steps when introducing things green.


People often ask about snacks.

Fruit is my snack of choice, but I recognize that it’s not everyone’s choice. For that reason, through experimentation, I have come up with quite of number of easy snacks to make. They take precious little time to prepare and they are scrumptious. Visit the site below for an example.

My family has grown to like snacks that are not overly sweet. I do use organic dates and bananas as a sweetness base, but I have altered the amount of dates I use, simply because we have grown to appreciate less sweet snacks.

In my dehydrator I use raspberries, bananas, and strawberries when making fruit straps and energy bars. Again, we prefer things less sweet these days.

To be honest, on the raw journey, you will find the cravings for sugar will diminish over time, and you will wonder how you were ever so addicted to it.

Kitchen tools

As for ‘cooking’, the tools you will need are really quite unsophisticated. Sharp knives, a blender, food processor, and a variety of graters will have you making amazing food in no time at all.

Best of all, your kitchen will be wipe-clean. Also, you may have sourced much of your produce from the garden, and if so, you may enjoy a certain satisfaction in knowing that you are one of a band of committed people who daily are reducing their carbon footprint on our wonderful planet.

Tell a friend!

You know, you won’t have to do this – actually tell your friends. In time you will have curious friends ASKING to taste what you are eating.

I now take extra food to work because there is always someone eager to try some of my raw creations. It’s a great feeling, and you know what? They are always pleasantly surprised!

Here are some beginner raw food recipes to get you going.

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by Maria Renouf
Article Source: Beginner Raw Food Recipes – Tips To Make Your Journey Easier

Share this to your friends & family