Anti-Aging – Why We Gain Weight After 40 and How to Lose That Weight

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Losing weight can, more often than not be a difficult task.  This is especially true for those who are close to 40.  And, it affects both men and women, with the latter being more prone to weight gain due to hormonal changes that are associated with menopause.

The above, combined with other factors such as the way in which the body processes calories can mean a significant increase in weight, unless one takes care of their diet by cutting down calories as well as exercising. Unfortunately, this is not always easy for many people to do.

This in turn causes them to start dieting. Dieting however is not always the solution. Proper diet is the solution. This means that in combination with other efforts, such as physical activity, reduction in overall calories and changing the way one eats can all help drop those extra pounds.

For one thing, exercise is one of the main ways to lose weight. During physical activity, circulation increases in metabolism becomes stimulated. Furthermore, lifting light weights in sets and repetitions will further promote muscle toning. In other words, muscles will strengthen and replace the fat that the body normally stores.

Reducing your overall caloric intake even slightly will further help your cause. This is really not a very difficult task to do at all. Cut down on the amount of fried foods that you eat, replacing them with healthier versions of the exact meal. For example, instead of having two eggs over, opt for two boiled eggs.

Altering one’s eating habits can really make the difference in weight gain or weight loss.  With that said, it is advisable to cut down the large meals you are eating and divide them proportionately throughout the day.  For example, if you eat three large meals each day, divide those into six smaller meals.  This will help your metabolism to process those calories faster, because there is less stress on the system.

Share this to your friends & family