This anti-aging super nutrient is known as proanthocyanidin, with the trade name being Pycnogenol. It is in the bioflavonoids family. This is a highly potent antioxidant which is capable of neutralizing radical oxygen molecules which are known to attack the cells of a body. Many can attest to its claims. Keep in mind that those approaching middle age often suffer from arthritic pains and numerous other diseases. However, those who take this product seem to maintain their health and alertness.

anti-aging super nutrient

It is known to aid with over 60 diseases that are brought on by free radicals. Quite simply, it is nature’s antioxidant with numerous benefits such as:

It protects brain cells from radical damage. So, it helps with chronic fatigue syndrome, ADD, stroke, and even senility.

Anti-aging Super Nutrient You Need

In Europe, it is known as Youth Nutrient. Youth Nutrient revitalizes collagen, which is crucial as it is responsible for the suppleness of your skin, but also maintaining joint health. With a healthy level of collagen, your skin is both youthful and stronger, with greater elasticity, and the same is true with regards to the joints as the product binds to collagen, aiding in the rebuilding of fibers.

With regards to anti-aging, it can reverse the damages brought on by free radicals.

Numerous conditions can be helped by taking this product, including arthritis and rheumatism, asthma, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, depression, and more If you research this product, you’ll see just how helpful it can be to maintain your health.

What’s Youth Nutrient and Where does it Come From?

Youth Nutrient comes from the bark of a tree that grows in France known as the Maritime Prime Palm. With heat having adverse effects on its beneficial elements, the extract from the bark must be prepared for as carefully as possible. Keep in mind that numerous health stores sell similar products, but they may not be reliable because so much lies in its expert preparation.

A company in Canada is known to supply this product for several years now. It’s always imperative to buy quality from a source that is reputable, as is this Canadian company. Never settle for less than the best.