Anti-aging News: Early Menopause and Causes

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The symptoms of menopause can be excruciatingly difficult for many women and so, cures and treatments are constantly sought by them. Many women experience early menopause and some studies have shown that this is a direct result from exposure to what is known as perfluorocarbons, or PFCs in the environment.

The good news is that they will be eliminated from products by the year 2015, however, their damage has been done in the meantime. PFCs are found in water, non-stick cookware, soil, plants people, plastic food containers among others.

Dr. S. Ershadi who directs the Antiaging Institute of California believes that that exposure to PFCs could inhibit the hormones and thus cause early menopause. Studies have shown links to women that were exposed to higher levels of PFCs and menopause occurring earlier than in others, but further investigation is required.

In the meantime, women should treat this information intelligently and avoid certain products to limit their exposure to perfluorocarbons.

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