Anti aging for many is strictly what shows on the outside, or only skin deep.  But that is not the case, as anti aging includes everything about you–what you put in to your body, your activity, the products you use, etc. In this case, SOAP.  Soap will clean your skin, only it will do so too well.

Do NOT use soap on the face as it will rid your skin of its natural oils.  This will in turn leave your skin unprotected for long periods as time is required for skin to produce a protective layer. Even soaps labeled “gentle enough for your face” may still be too damaging. Although soap may make you feel clean, when examined under a microscope the result is disasterous. If your skin feels tight or itchy or both, stop using that product.

Instead, use products that nourish the skin and are gentle to it such as cream, milk or gel cleansers.  Your skin will thank you for it.