Anti-aging and Skin Tightening Procedures

Skin-Tightening Laser

Any way you look at it, if your appearance and youthfulness matter to you, then at some point you may be looking into doing something about your loose skin. Perhaps skin tightening will be the answer. There are different methods, both non-invasive and invasive surgery.  The choice is yours and depends on the results you are look to achieve.

Lose the Loose Skin and Look Younger with Skin Tightening

Loose skin is often the reason that people look toward skin tightening. It doesn’t necessarily stop at the face-it can be done all over the body. Laser skin tightening can be an option for everyone and the results can be astounding without the pain that comes from invasive surgery.

The most dramatic results can be obtained for the face and neck of fair-skinned people and Asians with CO2 laser. It is the most assertive treatment in laser that is available to achieve desired results. For the entire body Titan laser is recommended as downtime is less than with CO2 laser, with results lasting about two years, however, several treatments are required to obtain the goal.

There are other products which use lower amounts of energy, but again, require several treatments to obtain the final results.

The Procedure

It takes about 2 weeks to recover with CO2 laser, sometimes even as little as 1 week! Of course lower energy level lasers have even less downtime–3 to 6 days.


Skin tightening costs are different considering the area of treatment.  The average cost being roughly $4000 and could be up to $7000. Because the price involved invasive surgery is quite high, people usually use this as a last-resort option. When all else has been tried and the results are less than desired, the subject then turns to this procedure.