Anti-aging and Muscle Toning Diet

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Anyone who is interested in living longer, they must consider some crucial changes they need to implement into their lifestyle.  It is important for everyone to understand the impact that proper nutrition has on each person.  Therefore, in order to successfully engage in anti-aging, people need to change their diet.  An anti-aging, weight loss and muscle toning diet is one in the same.  In order to build or tone your muscles, it is essential to exercise AND eat right.

Eating a balanced diet is the key to reaching your proper weight, help tone muscles and burn fat.  With that said, understanding nutrition and its effect on the body is essential.

Increase the amount of proteins you eat
Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables
Decrease the amount of carbohydrates
Decrease the amount of sugar intake
Decrease the amount of salt intake
Increase the amount of fiber
Supplement your diet with vitamins to ensure you are get
Drink plenty of water
Proteins are found in egg whites, meat, fish, poultry.

Fruits and vegetables should be eaten several times a day, choosing different colors and types each time.

Carbohydrates can make you gain weight. They are turned into sugar when processed in the body.  The body then stores much of that in fat.

Sugar is bad for you, unless it is in the form of natural sugar, like those found in fruits/vegetables. Besides that, decrease it as much as you can in order to get the most out of your muscle toning.

Salt is in all foods, and especially high in all prepackaged/prepared foods.  Too much salt can cause hypertension, not to mention that it causes water retention, which results in weight gain, or the inability to lose weight.

Fiber is excellent for the body as it helps it to evacuate waste.  Remember to drink lots of water when increasing fiber as it can cause constipation.  Water also helps remove toxins from the body and hydrates the skin, helping you to look younger.

If you avoid weight fluctuation, you are off to a good start.  It is extremely unhealthy to go up and down in weight.  By following a proper balanced diet you can lose weight and build muscle, when combined with some physical activity and sensible portions.

Share this to your friends & family