Age Appropriate Dressing

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The way you dress will say a lot about you, and if you want to look younger only the right clothes will help you achieve that. Men and women will often wear things that don’t complement their body shapes and work with their age. One thing we have to come to terms with is that whether we like it or not, we are aging each day and after a certain time, we begin to look more “mature.” Unless you are Steven Tyler or Madonna, you can’t (or shouldn’t) go prancing around in inappropriate clothes because you will look silly.

Rather than risk the looks and the ridicule, age appropriate dressing is recommended. Now, that doesn’t mean that you have to dress like an old person. You can be fashionable and age-appropriately dressed. If the “in” item is a mini skirt, don’t go for the “really mini” and instead opt for the skirt that is just above the knee. If pigtails are really in, skip it. Know that there are limitations and certain styles will simply be too much for you. It may be difficult to accept, but that is the reality of it.

Dressing tastefully means getting noticed in the most appealing way, where even younger people will envy and respect you for looking great. They will probably say, “I hope I look that good when I’m her/his age.” That’s what you should be hoping and aiming for.

Every season has many notable trends and a mature woman or man need not take advantage of all of them. Instead, grab a few that work with your overall look, body shape and lifestyle, too.  If you aren’t sure of what is ideal to your age group, then walk around a department store and see what they are displaying for women and for girls.  This is certain to help you make better decisions.

Share this to your friends & family