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If you want African American skin care products that really work, you need to choose ones that contain the right ingredients.  You also need to know about some ingredients to avoid.  Some compounds cause ‘hyper-pigmentation’.  Others cause ‘de-pigmentation’.  Of course, the best ones even out the skin-tone and protect the skin’s overall health.  Here’s what to look for and what to avoid.

Compounds to Avoid

Sodium methyl paraben has been banned from skincare products in the EU, but it is still found in products manufactured in other countries.  It has been shown to have a de-pigmenting effect that may be permanent.  Check your products carefully for this ingredient.

Petroleum-based products, wood based alcohols and propylene glycol can cause ‘hyper-pigmentation’ or the appearance of darker spots that do not match your overall complexion.  These ingredients are commonly found in African American skin care products that claim to relieve oiliness.  Excessive oiliness is often caused by the products that you are currently using.  If you have some oily spots, check your personal care products for petrolatum, mineral oil and other petrochemicals.  Those cause excessive greasiness, without actually moisturizing.

Don’t choose products that contain chemical bleaching agents.  They are quite harsh and may do more harm than good

Compounds to Seek Out

.  If you want to even out your skin-tone, look for an ingredient called extra-pone nut grass.  You may only need a little to see a dramatic difference.

In addition, you should look for natural vitamin E, an antioxidant that will repair any hyper-pigmented areas caused by using the personal care items containing the ingredients mentioned above.  If uneven tone is a problem, African American skin care products containing nut grass and vitamin E will help.

Effective Moisturizers that Balance Sebum Production

If you are like most of us, you have areas that range from mildly to  excessively oily and others that are mildly to  excessively dry.  Sometimes, this is caused by using the wrong lotions or creams, but it can also be a natural difference in the number of follicles present in the skin.

Sebum, the skin’s natural moisturizer, comes from the sebaceous glands, which are located at the root of the hair follicles.  So, in areas that are basically ‘hair-less’, the skin is drier.  The best African American skin care products contain jojoba and/or passion fruit extract. These have been shown to moisturize dry areas, without causing greasiness or leading to break-outs.

Anti-Aging Ingredients

It seems that everyone these days is looking for anti-aging creams and lotions.  And, it looks like every cosmetic company in the world has something to offer.

According to clinical trials, the most effective anti-aging ingredients include Functional Keratin and wakame kelp extract, as well as the antioxidants coenzyme Q10 and natural vitamin E.  Functional Keratin increases the production of new cells and fibers.  Wakame kelp protects levels of hyaluronic acid, preventing sagging and increasing firmness.

Antioxidants counter free radical damage, which dermatologists believe is responsible for all of the signs of aging.  So, when you find African American skin care products that contain all of these, you will know that they ‘really work’. I recommend checking out this website or see the author box below for complete details that apply to all skin types.

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