For over 2000 years, Milk Thistle has been used by the medical community to treat liver conditions, and is still being used today. Whether the liver problems is related to hepatitis as a result of alcohol abuse, cirrhosis, or viral hepatitis, it is growing in popularity as a form of treatment even in North America. The liver naturally produces bile, which helps to metabolize fats within the small intestine. By taking milk thistle supplements, you will be further promoting the functions of the liver, which could also help with other health issues which include IBS, constipation, Crohn’s disease, and even with acne flareups. Moreover, taking Milk Thistle supplements will also help to excrete certain hormones.

The liver is a vital organ in humans. Its responsibilities include producing biochemicals that are necessary for digestion, detoxification, and protein synthesis. It is important in metabolism, the decomposition of red blood cells, the production of hormones, the storage of glycogen, and more. The bile produced by the liver helps digestion through emulsifying lipids, as well.

Because the liver has many responsibilities, it must be in top form in order to complete those that are its top priorities. Helping out the liver can dramatically improve one’s health. Milk Thistle can convert bad cholesterol to good cholesterol by reducing the amount of cholesterol in the produced bile, which could help reduce the risk of gallstone formation. There are many other health benefits associated with healthy liver function and taking milk thistle. Experiments have shown that the active ingredient in milk thistle known as silybin can block estrogen from connecting to cancer cells, and may therefore be a good preventative measure for reducing the risk of breast cancer and other types of cancers which are stimulated by estrogen.

Furthermore, milk thistle has been used in patients undergoing chemotherapy to protect them from kidney damage. In large doses, it kept the patients’ kidneys safe during treatment. It is also believed to protect the immune system cells, known as Kuppfer cells, which destroy any toxins, harmful bacteria and foreign matter in the liver. There may also be a link between milk thistle and prostate cancer prevention.

Diabetics can also benefit from milk thistle because it helps deliver become less resistant to insulin. As you may or may not know, insulin in the bloodstream is removed by the liver.

Furthermore, anyone who is interested in losing weight, milk thistle can help. It begins by promoting a healthy liver which allows the liver to function at optimum levels, helping to stabilize the metabolism,

Women on oral contraceptives, however, should NOT take Milk thistle because it is known to excrete hormones and thus render the contraceptives ineffective. Gallbladder activity will also increase when taking the supplement, and so at first, bowels may be looser than usual. However, this is expected to last only a few days.

***The article is not intended to diagnose, treat and cure or prevent disease. Consult your health care physician before discontinuing medication or introducing herbs into your diet.