Cinnamon the Miracle Spice

This spice, cinnamon can help many patients naturally, without the need to take pharmaceutical medications for the rest of their lives. If you know someone with diabetes, high cholesterol levels or suffering from inflammation, this household ingredient could change their lives. why you need cinnamon everyday

Possible Reason for Cinnamon Use in Desserts of the Past?

Cinnamon is a commonly known spice used worldwide to flavor foods and desserts for centuries (perhaps our forefathers knew something that got lost in translation over the years). Maybe there’s a reason why so many “older” and well-known sweets used cinnamon, like baklava–to naturally lower blood sugar.

It’s also been used in traditional medicine, and of late, has been found to lower blood sugar–crucial to diabetics. Some studies have found cinnamon to keep blood sugar levels at bay, while others were inconclusive.

Cinnamon is also a natural way to lower cholesterol levels. Statins are commonly prescribed medications that require the individual patient to be lifelong users, but this spice can make all the difference, naturally.

Furthermore, this miracle spice fights bacteria, thanks to its antioxidant effects. IBS sufferers may also find relief using cinnamon, particularly with regards to BLOATING.

Low Stomach Acid

Low Stomach Acid

Cinnamon, can also reduce INFLAMMATION, as discovered in several lab studies. Candida albicans fungus may be effective  against internal yeast infections, while boosting the immune system.

Prevents CANCER. As cinnamon is capable of controlling blood sugar levels, cancer cells, which thrive on sugar, are actually denied the sugar they need.

Aids in WEIGHT LOSS. Cinnamon is believed to thin blood, which increases blood circulation, which in turn, boosts the metabolism.

Can delay ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE. Significant evidence coming from the University of Tel Aviv concluded that it can slow the effects of this debilitating disease, in addition to correcting cognitive impairment in animal studies.

***Cinnamon can, however be TOXIC if taken in larger doses.
***Anyone with liver problems should consult their doctor before taking cinnamon supplements.
***May cause irritation in the mouth, lips or skin.
***May interact with medications, so talk to your doctor before starting supplements.