No one likes to get sick, and we all tend to avoid those who are sick, like the plague. We’ve all been told to thoroughly wash our hands often throughout the day or use antibacterial hand sanitizers. They work to some extent. We must also cough into our elbows. The latter tip really does work, but here are some other excellent tips to avoid getting a cold or flu.


6 Ways to Avoid Getting a Cold or Flu – The Best Tips To Stay Healthy

1. Beware of Yellers

Flu viruses spread easily through breathing the same air as someone else who is sick. These tiny particles are virtually impossible to avoid because they are very fine droplets that unfortunately, contain more flu viruses than those when someone sneezes. Protect yourself by avoiding those who yell, as the aerosols produced when yelling are 50 times greater then the particles when someone speaks in a normal voice.

2. Ah, Just Wear A Surgical Mask

Oops, that won’t necessarily work. In fact, the people wearing the surgical masks are actually just protecting you and the public. Surgical masks stop you from spreading the flu. But, they don’t necessarily help you from catching someone else’s flu, since they are not airtight.


Strangely enough, public health experts don’t understand exactly how different viruses and diseases spread across the world.

3. Can You Get Sick Touching An Item Previously Touched By A Sick Person?

Well, the truth is that viruses can live on various objects for quite some time, and more particularly, three days or 72 hours. That said, harder surfaces, such as stainless steel allow these viruses to last longer, as opposed to softer surfaces, such as anything made of fabric.

4. It’s Unlikely You’ll Get Sick Shaking People’s Hands

Frequent handwashing and the use of hand sanitizer products will help to kill certain viruses that actually cause the common cold.

Avoid Getting a Cold or Flu


However, with regards to the flu, this just doesn’t help since the flu is transmitted through inhalation, i.e., through the mouth, the nose, or the eyes, but it’s still a good idea to keep your hands clean. It’s also a good idea to try to avoid touching your face.

5. Vitamin C To The Max?

Not so fast. Vitamin C is good for you but trying to fight off a cold or flu by upping your dose of this vitamin in an effort to boost your immunity will likely not have a positive effect. And what about other remedies like herbal supplements? Scientifically, nothing has really been reported, however, not much money goes into studying the science of these supplements.


Avoid Getting a Cold or Flu


One of the best ways to avoid coming down with the flu or catching a cold is to avoid others who are sick. The medical community recommends the flu shot.

6. A Universal Flu Vaccine

Flu vaccines are made each year through the study of current strains that occurred in the southern hemisphere, during their winter. Basically, this is an educated guess as to what the strain will be for the coming winter in the northern hemisphere. Sometimes, there guess is off, which is why vaccines may not be as effective as hoped.

However, there is good news! Researchers have actually designed a vaccine covering 95% of flu strains in the United States, as well as 88% of strains occurring worldwide. Unfortunately, while designed, it has not yet been created.

So, taking everything mentioned above into consideration, a good way to protect yourself is to avoid being around others that are sick, sneezing and coughing into your elbow, and refraining from being around those who yell. To protect your loved ones in your home from catching your cold or flu, try to distance yourself from them within reason, keep your hands clean, and wear a surgical mask.