Do you want to look younger? Well, you may be looking older simply from the foods you eat regularly. Cut out the foods that make you appear older completely, or at least reduce them and enjoy looking at a younger you!

According to studies, the foods below should be avoided, as they tire your body and mind in different ways:

1. Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners can be harmful to your health. In addition to that, aspartame and others have been known to cause joint pain and headaches. To make matters worse, they also increase sweets cravings.

2. Fried foods

Avoid fried foods that contribute to the breakdown of the skin’s collagen. Eating a diet that contains too many fried foods will make your skin look wrinkled.

3. Energy drinks

Although you think you’re getting hydrated by energy drinks, they can damage tooth enamel more than soda. The end result are yellow looking teeth that are adding years to your appearance.

4. Soda

Not only are you not hydrating the body when drinking soda, you’re actually dehydrating it. This will leave your skin looking tired, and will also affect your mood through sugar rushes that peak and then crash.

5. Caffeinated products including coffee

All products that contain caffeine tend to dehydrate the body. This also leaves you looking tired, and will show directly on your skin.

6. Alcohol

Alcohol also dehydrates the body and leaves the skin looking tired. It causes collagen loss and promotes wrinkles. So, enjoy a drink from time to time, without going overboard.

7. Carbohydrates

The skin can look wonderful if it is given the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Too many carbs, according to some studies, are responsible for damaging collagen and fibers that make the skin look older and more wrinkly.

8. Salt

Salt is known to dehydrate the body. Eating too much salt will wear you out and keep you looking tired. It can also increase the size of under eye bags, making you look older.

9. Trans fats

Trans fats will clog arteries, and cause them and small blood vessels to stiffen. This will make the skin appear inflexible and stiff, adding even more years to your age.

10. Sugar

Sugar in any form is bad for you in many ways. It will also, as trans fats do, you look older as it makes the skin stiffer and inflexible.