Weight Loss Tips for Over 40

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Weight loss tips for over 40 are somewhat different than those for people in their 20s and 30s because of the change in the metabolism.  Basically, the metabolism slows as we get older, so weight gain is common. In fact, it is to be expected, and since this is the case, people should be well-aware that this is bound to happen if they are not careful.  Being careful means making lifestyle changes that include watching your diet and exercising before the damage is done. Maintenance is easier than repairing, as we can all attest to. However, if the damage is done, the tips below will help you shed the extra weight and help you reach your optimum weight, even though it can be a trying time for anyone.

1. Believe in yourself.  Set the right goals that are achievable because setting unachievable goals will only cause more problems, such as quitting.

2. Expect some relapse as this is quite common. To avoid this from happening, give your mind and body what it is craving for, ONCE a week. So, treat this as a reward on Sundays to indulge a bit.

3. Invest in smaller dishes for daily use. These will help you to fill them with less food, yet still tell your mind that you are eating a full portion.

4. Leave the table still feeling hungry, and while at the table, eat slowly. This will help to fill you up more.

5. Make a commitment to yourself. Weight loss is more than just watching what you eat as it goes further to exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. This would include getting fresh air, drinking lots of water, getting the sunlight needed to absorb Vitamin D.

6. Make sure you always have a healthy breakfast to provide the energy you need to start your day and hold your hunger off until snack time. Do not make excuses about not feeling hungry at this time. Skip the coffee or tea and make a fruit smoothie instead, using low- or non-fat yogurt, your favorite fruit and even add other healthy and filling ingredients.

7. Being a couch potato and watching television is not helping you lose any weight, either. You will actually burn more calories sleeping than watching TV. So get more sleep.

8. Stop eating prepared foods and start cooking meals from scratch. Not only will they taste better, they will be healthier and will contain less fats and questionable ingredients. When you cook from scratch, you know exactly what’s in the meal. Get creative in the kitchen by using tasty spices and herbs to make delicious meals without packing on more calories.

9. Any bad eating habits can be replaced with good ones, as can any other types of bad habits. If you like to snack at night, slice up crunchy veggies and make a low-cal, low-fat dip with cottage cheese or sour cream. If you prefer fruit, slice some apples and sprinkle with cinnamon just to make it more reminiscent of dessert, like apple pie.  You can also make your own popcorn (not the microwavable kind) with a minimal amount of oil and salt for guilt-free snacking.

10.  Forget sodas, even the artificially sweetened kinds. Drink something healthier and great tasting, like green tea. This could be drunk hot or cold, without sweeteners or sugar added. It will do you a great deal of good and has virtually no calories.

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