Nutrition and Anti-aging

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Obviously, nutrition and anti-aging go hand-in-hand.  Anyone who wants to live longer, healthier and look great along the way needs to rethink their diet and act on it. There are many things that have to be changed in most people’s diets, especially in today’s day and age. There are many factors that cause premature aging, that didn’t exist in the past. For instance, the numerous pollutants found in the air we breathe and the water we drink. Furthermore, there are the chemicals and pharmaceuticals in the foods we eat, which all play a role in how we age and whether we will be subjected to degenerative diseases, like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and such.

Improvements to the Western diet must be made in order for anyone to benefit from… the changes. Long ago, people ate foods as they were available. There wasn’t much meat because the animals were used by their owners in other ways, like cows were kept for their milk, bulls or oxen were used to work the farmland,  and so on.  So, people ate mostly vegetables and fruits when they were in season, along with breads and cereals and legumes. Today, meat of all kinds is on the menu at least once a day, if not at every meal including breakfast!

Furthermore, meat in the past was not subjected to hormones, antibiotics and other pollutants, so there was no worry to enjoy such food every so often. These days, it’s frightening to see exactly what each animal is subjected to, and then what we put into our systems. The first change to anyone’s diet is to minimize the consumption of meat, red or white.

Proteins can come from lentils, beans, and the like. As well, these legumes can make great meals that are hearty and healthy. They can be served as a main course soup or added to pasta, along with other ingredients like vegetables.  All it takes is some imagination and some tasty recipes to feed the family right. Plus, such meals are quickly prepared, without the fuss that can often accompany regular meals most Westerners have grown accustomed to.

Say no to prepared foods found in grocer’s aisles. Instead, prepare these at home. There are easy and economical ways to do so and they avoid additives and preservatives from ending up in our systems. Although many of these foods require frying, they are much healthier when cooked and prepared in the home. For instance, you get to choose the best oil to cook them in which will eliminate trans fats that have been proven unhealthy. As well, companies that prepare these add too much sugar and salt, regardless of the food, which is in your own control when you make them!

That brings us to sugar and salt in the diet. To begin with, refined sugar is terrible for you. Sugar as a whole should be reduced, but if it is to be used, then choose the closest thing to what is natural, brown or raw sugar. Too much can be harmful to one’s health and so it should be used in moderation. Salt has been found to be harmful as well, forcing governments to lean on the prepared foods industry to reduce the amounts added. Salt is added even in sweets because it has been found to add flavor, making foods that much more tastier. And, on this subject, everyone should look at ways to reduce all refined foods and products consumed. Choose whole wheat flour over refined flour, brown or wild rice instead of white, and so on.

These slight changes could amount to a healthier body and mind and they are not huge sacrifices. It really is just a matter of getting used to the slight difference in taste.

nicole kidman

Share this to your friends & family