New Anti-Wrinkle Pill Will Soon Hit the Market

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Unilever anti-wrinkle pillTaking one supplement is all that is required to reduce your wrinkles and more particularly, reduce crows feet by up to 30%. Those are whopping figures that are evidenced in clinical studies conducted in Britain and other countries that assisted in the study, recently. The tablets help to shrink wrinkles from the inside of the body by producing collagen. Collagen is required to give that youthful plump appearance and hold skin in place, rather than sagging or folding. The pills are set for launching this month, approved for use in Canada, Britain and Spain.

The pills are made with ingredients that have already been accepted and approved of,  so there is no delay in putting them on the market. If you are thinking, “here is another product that promises the world and does nothing,” you may be in for a huge and pleasant surprise. In fact, there is scientific evidence from skin biopsies taken from 110 women in the study, before and after the study, where new collagen was found in the dermis, the lower layer of skin, which proves that these scientists are on to something incredible.

The studies were performed with women who were menopausal or post-menopausal, where aging occurs more rapidly due to slowed collagen production and the enzymes in the body that clear away collagen faster than the body produces it, bringing on a double whammy effect. This causes looser and flabbier skin with more wrinkles.

The Ingredients

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Soy Compounds
  • Tomato compounds
  • Omega 3  Fatty Acids

This clever combination of the above ingredients is what increases collagen production. With that, the skin becomes more supple and actually erases wrinkles. Researchers in this study have coined the term, “Gene Food” because these supplements feed genes exactly what they need in order to slow aging.  Doctors from all over are impressed with the results of the study.

The natural anti-wrinkle pills are required to be taken 3 times each day, with  results to show within 14 weeks.


Share this to your friends & family