Learn All About Anti-aging Menopause and How to Naturally Treat Hot Flashes with Black Cohosh

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All women will have to endure the change of life.  It’s inevitable. However, menopause changes many other things in women, such as:  bone density which can lead to osteoporosis, weight gain due to the change in the metabolism, the skin is also altered and the onset of night sweats and hot flashes. Learn all about anti-aging menopause and how to naturally treat hot flashes here.

These hot flashes occur at any given time in the day or night.  The individual usually feels heat from the chest area upward.  Sweats often accompany them.  It can drive anyone mad.  Sleep is often interrupted, leading to a very cranky disposition.

Certainly, hormone therapy has been put on the table, but is not always the best option.  If the main problem happens to be hot flashes, perhaps you can avoid the hormone therapy replacement and opt for a more natural treatment.  Supplements that contain black cohosh are the natural option and they may work for you.

Black cohosh is a native plant to the North Eastern United States and Canada (mainly in the Province of Ontario).  The natives often used it for these reasons–to help women who suffer from symptoms related to menopause, PMS and hot flashes.  It has worked on many women, but not all.  But, don’t you think it’s worth trying before getting on hormone replacement therapy which comes with extremely serious health risks and side effects?

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