How to Prevent Wrinkles and Slow Aging

What are wrinkles, really?  Wrinkles are simply aging factors that occur externally.  It is however, normal to lose a bit of muscle tone and elasticity.  There are ways to prevent wrinkles and slow aging. It’s good to be knowledgeable and have a plan of action to slow the aging process, and there are numerous ways to go about it, naturally and with some extra help. diet for healthy skin


Top 5 Contributing Risk Factors Causing Wrinkles and Aging

1. Exposure to the sun, as well as tanning beds, due to UV radiation. The UV rays damage collagen, elastin, and the skin gradually over time. It is important however, to allow some sun in order to metabolize vitamin D that is vital to overall health.

2. Cigarette smoking, both first hand and second hand smoke.  The cigarette smoke unleashes numerous free radicals rendering the body helpless to fight them.  As you may know, free radicals damage cells and make them incapable to reproduce more healthy cells.

3. Alcohol/Drugs create an environment similar to that of cigarette smoking.  Oxidative stress causes aging because of the damage to the healthy cells.

4. Processed foods are another culprit in wrinkles and aging.  They, too, cause oxidative stress and render the body incapable of repairing itself. It would be wise to rethink your diet and avoid processed foods and other food methods of preparation such as microwaving, deep frying and charbroiling.  Instead, heat or cook food the more conventional way–on the stove top, boil, broil or grill.

5. Stress causes free radicals as much as the four aforementioned points.  It is advised to calm your lifestyle and/or learn how to relieve stress and anxiety to slow the oxidative stress.


The Importance of Sleep in Anti-Aging

Sleep is yet another vital part of having healthy sleep. Being sleep deprived, or rest deprived is a recipe for disaster with regards to the skin, as well as other parts of the body and mind. Sleep is almost as important as your diet, and while you may get your eight hours each night, it may not be restful sleep, so try to correct anything that causes sleep problems. Doing so will help your eyes look rested, rather than swollen or sunken, which will also help to prevent wrinkles and slow aging.