How to Get Younger Looking Eyes

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As we get older, our eyes seem to tell our age. They actually sink in, often accompanied by bags and dark circles around them. It is however, possible to get younger looking eyes, and it isn’t all that difficult to do.  The following tips and advice will be helpful to getting younger looking eyes quickly.

The first thing for anyone to do, regardless of age, is to improve their diet. This will automatically show results in healthier and younger looking eyes. In addition to that, the skin will also benefit in many ways. By improving the diet, it will immediately help to remove toxins from within that make you look older. Make sure to include various fruits and vegetables of all colors, and preferably choose organic produce. These will be extremely helpful in putting that glow back into your skin and eyes.

Reduce your consumption of red meat. Instead get most of your protein from egg whites, legumes and low fat cheeses and yogurts. Limit red meat to only once per week. It is of the utmost importance for anyone who increases their fiber intake (as found in legumes) to drink more water, which will avoid the onset of constipation.

A common problem in older individuals is dark under eye circles and bags. Using cucumber directly out of the fridge will not only soothe tired eyes, but will also reduce swelling. Using this on a daily basis can also naturally bleach the dark circles and make them less apparent. It’s also recommended to sleep on an incline to reduce the amount of swelling. Another solution is chamomile tea bags because of the anti-inflammatory properties this tea contains. Simply soak the tea bags and apply them directly on the eyes for a few minutes each day.

It’s also important to cut out some bad habits if they occur on a daily basis, such as drinking too much alcohol or smoking cigarettes. Both can have a negative impact on the way in which one looks. Too much alcohol can cause bloating, not only in the belly but also the face making you look older and heavier! As for cigarette smoking, the toxins simply age people. For moderate to heavy smokers, quitting can actually turn back the hands of time by up to 10 years!

Try to exercise if you don’t already. Exercise has proven to be a great way to stay younger and look younger. Furthermore, it is of the essence to give your body the rest it needs. The better rested the body and the mind, the better one functions. It gives time to the mind to relax so that you can be more focused on the following day. As for the body and the skin, this rest period helps to rejuvenate them so you look fresher and thus younger from the inside out.

Share this to your friends & family