Free Radicals and Oxidative Stress Explained

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Free radicals occur naturally in the body, however, they occur excessively under certain conditions. They are a by-product that damage healthy cells and speed aging by inhibiting the reproduction of healthy cells.  Once the skin’s cellular matrix is compromised, the collagen becomes inflexible and wrinkles begin to form. Unfortunately, the damage continues on to the organs where medical conditions and diseases develop.

The Need for Antioxidants

The body’s natural defense mechanism neutralizes the free radicals from forming by naturally creating antioxidants. Once the free radicals grow beyond the supply of antioxidants, that’s when oxidative stress occurs.

antioxidant foods

Free radicals and oxidative stress can be defeated by adding antioxidant foods to your diet.  These will help to support your body’s natural defense system.  There are many ways to beat free radicals and oxidative stress.

Share this to your friends & family