Month: January 2017

The Sad News About Aging – How Has It Affected You?

You can fight it every step of the way, but in the end, age will win. There is nothing that you can do besides slow aging, to some extent. However, to do that, you will have to make some compromises, enormous sacrifices, and put in a whole lot of effort. Are you willing to do it? The sad news about aging may not be something many of us are ready to accept. We age every single day, and we are all born with an expiration date. It’s sad, but it’s true. How does aging affect you? Aging and Fine...

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Woman’s Biological Clock May Have Run Out Of Time

Fertility issues have been a growing problem, seemingly, for many women. But, there is new research that can change everything for women who want to be a mother. From the University of Edinburg, a small study discovered the ovary might be able to develop new eggs, according to the Guardian, so the woman’s biological clock may have run out of time. Up until now, it was believed that women have a certain number of eggs, and then that’s about it. During their middle age, the egg numbers decline and then menopause sets in. However, this new research, involving cancer...

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Eczema Home Remedies to Calm Inflammation

With the skin can raw and inflamed, and possibly with a crusted top, even steroid creams can’t provide the soothing relief eczema sufferers are looking for. Not only is there pain and inflammation, but there is an interruption in life’s daily activities, including interrupted sleep. The lack of sleep or the poor quality sleep affects other aspects of your life, making it difficult to concentrate and even stay awake. Eczema sufferers will try anything to find that relief, so here are some eczema home remedies to calm inflammation and let you get on with your days and nights.  ...

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