Month: December 2016

6 Ways to Avoid Getting a Cold or Flu Over The Holidays and Throughout Winter – Empower Yourselves!

No one likes to get sick, and we all tend to avoid those who are sick, like the plague. We’ve all been told to thoroughly wash our hands often throughout the day or use antibacterial hand sanitizers. They work to some extent. We must also cough into our elbows. The latter tip really does work, but here are some other excellent tips to avoid getting a cold or flu.   6 Ways to Avoid Getting a Cold or Flu – The Best Tips To Stay Healthy 1. Beware of Yellers Flu viruses spread easily through breathing the same air as...

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Don’t Be So Quick To Drink That Water Left Overnight In A Glass! It Could Be Bad For You!

If you have ever left a glass of water overnight and drank it the next day, have you noticed it doesn’t taste the same? This odd taste may be indicative that the water has gone bad. This brings us to this all-important question: “Did You Know That Water Left Overnight In A Glass Is Bad For You?” Below, a microbiologist gives us the information we need.       Introducing Microbes For starters, dust accumulates in the glass, in addition to microbes, although the latter isn’t the cause of the stale taste. Instead, the water exposed to air absorbs carbon dioxide....

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