Month: October 2016

Improper Use of Contact Lenses May Cause Serious Eye Infections

  The majority of contact lens wearers are women. Improper use of contact lenses may cause serious eye infections. It doesn’t end there! You are also more susceptible to cornea damage. Before choosing contact lenses, know the risks. The key is to properly care for your eyes and your lenses. Otherwise, you may lose your eyesight altogether. How Contact Lenses Work Contact lenses correct vision errors. They do this by changing how the light focuses on the retina. Worn in direct contact with the eye, they allow people to look and function the way they want. In many ways,...

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How to Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome and Feel Good Again

Leaky gut syndrome is quickly gaining a lot of attention of late. People all around the world are struggling and suffering without knowing why. The leaky gut, although affects the gut and the digestive system, is responsible for affecting the body and one’s health in many other ways. There is even a connection between leaky gut and food allergies! What’s more is that you may be lacking energy and experiencing joint pain because of this syndrome. Some even link thyroid disease to leaky gut. The only way to correct it is to heal leaky gut but that requires persistence....

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Best Leaky Gut Diet for Your Well-Being

Having leaky gut syndrome is not the end of the world. Although you may have experienced great discomfort, pain, and numerous reactions from this ever growing problem, there are many things you can do. In fact, healing the leaky gut is within reach, but it does require persistence. It can all begin by following the best leaky gut diet. Make a commitment that will be one of the best things you can ever do for yourself. It will improve your present somewhat, but will greatly improve your future. Imagine a world where you don’t feel bloated, you’re not experiencing...

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Pro Tips to Stop Lipstick Bleeding and Look Younger

Watch this video from a professional makeup artist to learn how to stop lipstick bleeding. Lipstick bleeding can ruin your entire look.     This seems to happen more with mature women. So, take some years off your face by avoiding lipstick bleeding. For more tips, go to: Wayne...

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Does Drinking Red Wine Improve Gut Bacteria?

There is a lot of talk about gut health of late and with good reason. The number of chronic illnesses, autoimmune diseases, and cancer is staggering, and some believe it has lots to do with poor gut health. In the past, habits were different, and lifestyles included more than just work and stress but also socializing and even the occasional drink. In ancient times, the Greeks were known for drinking lots of wine, and in modern times, it’s the French. Poor gut health, be it because it’s a result of poor eating habits, antibiotics, or what have you, leads...

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