Month: February 2016

Best Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Swollen and inflamed veins in the lower rectum and anus drive millions of people around the world to seek the best treatment for hemorrhoids. For some, it is an uncomfortable inconvenience that they will have to deal with on a rare occasion in their lifetimes. For others, it becomes a vicious circle that worsens with each episode. Causes of Hemorrhoids Experts claim that the hemorrhoids occur for different reasons, and one being straining during bowel movements. In pregnant women, they can occur due to increased pressure on the veins. Still, there are other possible reasons why you may be...

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Stop Bloating and Gas

This stop bloating and gas guide is meant to correct the problem associated with the belly. For some, and for no apparent reason, bloating is a common problem that strikes at any time. Often, there are ways to beat the belly bloating with a few lifestyle changes. As you are an individual, you will have to do your homework to better understand where your personal belly bloating issues begin. Best Advice to Stop Bloating and Gas However, the best piece of advice for anyone and everyone is to chew your food better. The more finely chewed, the better. Experts...

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5 Nasty Makeup Infections You Can Get From Cosmetics

Looking beautiful may have consequences if you’re not careful. Your makeup can lead to infections, skin irritations or even burned skin. How to Avoid Makeup Infections Check the expiry date. If there isn’t one and you know you have owned it for quite some time, throw it out. The problem with old makeup products is that they do decompose and their preservatives don’t work well because they’ve expired. Once the chemicals are separated, bacteria forms, which then causes skin problems.   Staph Infection This is a serious infection, although less common. Don’t share makeup or makeup applicators with others....

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Teens Must Eat These Foods to Prevent Breast Cancer in the Future

Prevention starts at a young age. To reduce the risk of developing breast cancer, you need to start as young as possible. Diets today, for whatever reason are lacking fiber. To reduce the risk of developing breast cancer at a later age, start eating more fiber today. This is from the latest study published in Pediatrics Journal, which shows that eating a diet high in fiber while still in your teens can drastically reduce the risk of developing this deadly disease later on in life. Foods to prevent breast cancer in the study showed that women who enjoyed high-fiber...

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DIY Bamboo Placemat Makeup Brush Organizer Guide

Use a bamboo placemat to organize your makeup brushes! It’s an easy DIY project with so many benefits. The first benefit is that you can always find your brushes. If you’re like the majority of women, your makeup brushes are probably scattered about in all your different makeup cases. This organizer will keep them together so you don’t have to waste any time when getting ready. Keeping makeup brushes away from actual cosmetic products is more hygienic, too. Tucked away safely in this converted  DIY bamboo placemat makeup brush organizer, they stay clean and in tact, without bristles fanning out...

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