Month: January 2016

How to Apply Primer and Foundation for a Flawless Face

There are way too many youtube sensations that aren’t worth anyone’s time, but this girl really has it going on. She knows what she’s talking about when it comes to makeup. Kandee Johnson a talented and dedicated makeup artist with amazing professional makeup tips. What’s more is that she applies all the makeup on herself, and she isn’t afraid to show you what she looks like without makeup on. And, the transformation is incredible. Watch and learn how the pros apply primer and foundation for a flawless face.  How to Apply Primer and Foundation like the pros…     Any...

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Why You Should Use Primer

Why Primer Should Be Used in Your Makeup Routine A makeup routine is a very important part of any woman’s morning, or an outing or special event. It can be in the form of a liquid, a cream, or a gel. It is applied directly onto the face to smooth out the skin, prior to applying a translucent powder or foundation. Applying primer will reduce the appearance of fine lines, leaving your face to look like a smooth canvas that’s perfect for applying makeup. How to Use Primer Primer has to be a good quality product, for starters. Before...

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