Month: September 2015

Do You Have Eczema? Natural Cures for Eczema

How to Successfully Treat Eczema If you’ve ever been to the doctor with an inflamed and irritated rash, it’s likely that he will tell you it is eczema, a catch-all phrase for all sorts of ailments like these. Many infants are born with it, and at least 5% of adults are affected with eczema. Unfortunately, this number is growing, likely due to environmental pollutants, and dietary triggers. Most doctors will diagnose this problem and prescribe a corticosteroid cream. Sadly, the symptoms will only be suppressed, but the underlying causes will not be addressed. Is that the answer? No! Below,...

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Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Treatment

Natural Alzheimer’s Treatment Breakthrough is a common word used in medical research, and is often a misused term that leads nowhere. However, the Alzheimer’s breakthrough is worthy of this term, thanks to Australian researchers. The researchers have concluded that memory loss and a decline in cognitive function for such patients is due to structures called neurotoxic amyloid plaques. They used a noninvasive ultrasound technology to clear these structures in lab mice, with results that show great promise. What Happens to the Brain in Alzheimer’s Disease In Alzheimer’s, a patient demonstrates two types of buildup of lesions known as amyloid...

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Naturally Beat Heartburn

Natural Heartburn Treatment Heartburn, also known as acid reflux, causes great discomfort and a burning sensation that can often travel right up into your throat. The pain can be so extreme that many mistake it for a heart attack. As soon as people start to feel the sensations, they often turn to antacids, H2 blockers, and even PPIs. The problem with heartburn is that most people misunderstand what it is. It is not related to having too much stomach acid and is instead caused by, in 95% of the cases, too little stomach acid. Getting to the root of...

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Craving Sweets and Sugar? See What is Causing Your Addiction

Sugar Cravings May Indicate Health Issues Sugar is the only food item we eat that we don’t require in our diets. Studies have been conducted in universities and labs that demonstrate the addiction to sugar. Lab rats, for example, become more addicted to sugar than to COCAINE! It’s no wonder also why there is such an increase in cancers and other chronic and autoimmune diseases. What’s more is that sugar is found in virtually everything we eat because food manufacturers have made the addictive correlation between humans and sugar, so it’s a great way for them to make more...

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Receding Gums? Avoid Tooth Loss with these Home Remedies

How to Avoid Receding Gums When the gum tissue that surrounds teeth begins to withdraw, the roots become exposed. This can look unsightly, but that’s not your biggest problem. The problem at hand is real that your teeth can loosen, and tooth loss is inevitable. You can fix this with different home remedies: How to Naturally Treat Receding Gums 1. Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil. Oil pulling has many benefits as it’s a natural alternative to brushing. Just use about a teaspoon of coconut oil and swish it around in your mouth for about 15 minutes each day. Spit...

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