Month: July 2014

Plumping Lips–Makeup Tips for Mature Women

Get a Fresher, Younger Face Your face changes virtually every day, regardless of how small those changes really are, but it does come to the point where one day we look in the mirror and those changes are obvious and real.  Those really fine lines have deepened and gotten longer, the eyes have the appearance of being sunken, not to mention the drooping of the skin.   How to Plump Your Lips with Lipliner Caucasian women also have to deal with the thinning of the lips.  The older we get, the thinner they become, making applying lipstick and keeping...

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How to Repair Dry Cracked Heels Naturally and Quickly

Is it Possible to Remove Dry Dead Skin from Your Feet Easily? There are lots of incredible homemade recipes to help women with their beauty regimes, and resolve any problems they may come across at any age– from acne issues to hair loss to removing dry dead skin from feet.  Some may work for some people, some may not work at all for anyone, but some really knock it right out of the ballpark for everyone, like this amazingly effective formula that’s been circulating social media for quite some time, and known as the exfoliating Listerine And Vinegar Soak....

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Naturally Thicker Eyelashes

Can You Naturally Thicken Eyelashes? The eyelashes are of the most important features of the entire face because they draw immediate attention when someone is speaking or looking at you, since they surround the eyes. Most women surveyed would never leave their home without applying mascara, as it enhances the eyes tremendously. But, what if you could have naturally thicker eyelashes and feel comfortable about leaving your home without mascara? Wouldn’t that be great? Well, the tips below may help you achieve thicker lashes without chemicals or makeup. How to Get Thicker Lashes in One Month Almond oil is...

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