Month: January 2014

Are Potato Chips Killing You?

Acrylamide and Potato Chips In researching other interesting topics for my readers, I stumbled upon something that was truly shocking to me, considering how much of these foods I have consumed over the years, in an article written by a source unknown to me. So, I dug deeper, turning to trustworthy information from authority sites, and even Health Canada. My all-time favorite snack happens to be potato chips, and I have been known to eat family size bags of chips within a couple of nights, while watching TV, and which happens to be loaded with acrylamide–known to cause CANCER!!!...

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The Natural Ingredients in Organic Shampoos and How Each Benefits Your Hair

Your face is the first thing that people look at when they see you–your hair is right up there with the face and it defines who we are. That’s why we spend hundreds of dollars each year, cutting, styling, coloring, washing and conditioning it so that it looks fabulous every day. Of late, and for the last couple of years, shampoos and other haircare products have been in the spotlight, thanks to media pressure about their ingredients--mainly sulfates. Sulfates are chemicals that produce lather, which most of us judge shampoos by–the more they lather, the better. But, that’s not...

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Sulfates in Shampoos Could Cause Cancer

Sulfates Linked to Sulfates? Most of us shower on a daily basis, washing with products that clean our bodies and hair, moisturize our skin, and leave us feeling fresh, revitalized and confident. Unfortunately, most of us never consider what ingredients make up those hygiene products, like our favorite, great smelling shampoos. If we took the time to read the labels, most of us wouldn’t understand the majority of those ingredients, as they are chemical-based. Doesn’t that make you wonder what you’re washing your hair and body with? It certainly has raised some questions on my end. What’s more is...

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Diet Quality Report from USDA

Healthier Americans? Americans are trying to eat healthier, this in a study that examines adults between 2005 and 2010. They’re eating more fiber and less cholesterol, and less fat and saturated fat. The four areas of diet quality in the study were a percent of calories from fat,  saturated fat, total cholesterol and  fiber intake.     The reports findings included, but were not limited to: Eating less calories, by 188. Eating less meals and snacks per month, when away from the home.Cholesterol intake declined by 24mg per day. Fiber intake increased by 1.2 g per day. While it...

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New Dangers of Acetaminophen and Liver Damage

Liver Care Just like you, when I get headaches, a backache or pain of any kind, I turn to Tylenol or other brand of acetaminophen, and I always choose the extra strength dosage, which can be, according to an article I just read, terrible for my liver!!! I have also, after surgery, taken combination medication, i.e., a pain killer and Tylenol. However, now the FDA is claiming this practice to be UNSAFE. Yikes! I just think of how many times I have done that.  Furthermore, no more than 4000 mg of acetaminophen is allowable per day, for adults. And,...

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