Month: December 2013

Are You Buying Real Sea Salt?

Understanding Salt and Sodium Many people around the world have begun to realize the importance of healthy eating, and as such, have really paid special attention to the foods and particular ingredients they purchase in order to eat better, and ensure their families are eating as best as possible. Unfortunately for many who trust labels, they may be shocked to learn that what they are buying is different from what they think they’re buying. Thanks to FDA regulations, there are huge loopholes in the system that allow blatant lies to be put on food labels. Sea salt is one...

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Closer to a Cure for Baldness

Relief from hair loss doesn’t leap in your thoughts when one ponders the following advance in stem-cell research, but whomever can find the cure can become a multimillionaire. Researchers have previously used cell samples from humans. Others are searching for a method to nurture growth of hair on advanced baldness. Linking Baldness and Cardiovascular Disease Going bald before age 50 associated with elevated chance of cardiovascular disease: study New research show hair thinning and cardiac health to be linked, indicating males who experience premature balding before 50 years old might have an elevated chance of developing cardiovascular disease. Within...

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Lung Transplants: Advances

Forty-four lung transplants had been carried out all over the world and all were unsuccessful. All the patients died within days or days. However for Tom Hall, a Toronto patient struggling with idiopathic lung fibrosis (skin damage from the lung area), a transplant was the only real hope, a “long shot, despite the fact that the 3 other lung transplants attempted in Toronto were not successful. Given the harsh odds, Hall told the physician: “It will be a privilege to become patient 45.” He not just made it, but flourished, going from his dying mattress at 58 to living...

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