Month: November 2013

Signs and Symptoms of Stroke to Save a Loved One

Stroke is a very common killer on a global level and it is right up there with cardiac conditions and cancer, however in a lot of the cases, death or paralysis could be avoided when the signs and symptoms of stroke are recognized quickly and patient is treated within 4.5 hrs from the attack, stated medical professionals. Six Million Die of Stroke Each Year! However, few patients receive timely treatment as a minority recognize the signs and symptoms of stroke. Globally, around 6,000,0000 people die each year due to stroke, which makes up about more deaths thanĀ  the total...

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Is Iodine Definciency Putting You At Risk For Cancer?

Iodine is a chemical element vital for good health. For years iodine was intentionally added to breads to prevent an iodine deficiency in people. In fact, many years ago, just one slice of bread contained about 150mg of iodine, providing for the RDA of iodine, so people who lived in the good old days of the 1960s enjoyed 75% of their daily recommended daily allowance from just ONE slice of bread. Hypothyroidism Iodine is needed to avoid the onset of hyperthyroidism and Grave’s Disease by avoiding the excess release of thyroid hormone. At the same time it was able...

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Obstructing not only sunburns: Why you will need more vitamin D

The Truth About Vitamin D Summer may not be time to think about a vitamin D supplement, but it doesn’t mean that that you could forget about it entirely Since our bodies naturally produce vitamin D through exposure to the sun, the cleverest thing to do is expose your skin on the best days of the season to provide enough sun rays to achieve our annual vitamin D peak. But let’s say you aren’t under the sun frequently, even just in the summer time? Whether due to lengthy work hours, sun block use, religious values, unfavorable weather, age or...

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