Month: December 2011

How to Eyebrows – Eyebrow Tattoos

As you may already know, the eyebrows actually perform a function, which is to help keep perspiration from dripping into the eyes.  They also serve with regards to beauty, by framing the face, and the face can  be changed dramatically with the shape and style of the brows. Below is everything you would need to know about  eyebrow tattoos  and how to eyebrows to get the best look possible. Because the eyebrows are an essential part of the face, it is crucial that they are properly shaped, filled in and colored. Sometimes this is not enough, however, as age...

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Hair Coloring Tips for Gray Hair

Great hair starts with a vision and it continues with the choice of the hair color and the product itself. Find great hair coloring tips for gray hair coverage and a fabulous look that is right for you, just below. Thankfully, the industry has created colors that look more natural these days that just did not exist a few decades ago. In the past, permanent dyes caused a lot of damage to hair, but that has all been resolved of late. Furthermore, many of the problems that women encountered with the products are almost non-existent today, making hair coloring...

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