Month: November 2011

Weight Loss Tips for Over 40

Weight loss tips for over 40 are somewhat different than those for people in their 20s and 30s because of the change in the metabolism.  Basically, the metabolism slows as we get older, so weight gain is common. In fact, it is to be expected, and since this is the case, people should be well-aware that this is bound to happen if they are not careful.  Being careful means making lifestyle changes that include watching your diet and exercising before the damage is done. Maintenance is easier than repairing, as we can all attest to. However, if the damage...

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Women Can Reduce Risk of Stroke with Chocolate

Go on and indulge! The latest research is showing that women can reduce the risk of stroke with chocolate. The study, printed in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology was conducted in Sweden, consisting of women between 49 and 83 years of age. They were questioned about their diet and the foods they consumed, as well as the frequency thereof. Chocolate was on the list of foods and the study showed that the women who did indulge in these sweets were actually less likely to suffer from a stroke. Previous evidence was shown in studies with regards...

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The Secret Butt Exercise That Will Give You The Sexy Butt You Have Always Wanted

Author: rob maraby The absolute best butt exercise is the squat, and more specifically the hack squat. The hack squat is a great machine because it is safe and easy on the shoulders and lower back when it comes to doing this leg and butt exercise , you must use proper form, the lower portion of the hack squat is key, you must be sure to lower the weight all the way down, you also should use a wide stance on the hack squat, stance that is slightly wider than shoulder width. When it comes to this great butt...

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Arthritis or Gout? What is That Excruciating Pain?

If you believe that you may be suffering from arthritis, it might be important to understand this condition better because you may actually be suffering from a more painful type of the known as Gout.  This is a relatively new term, in this day and age because it had almost disappeared, although it has been around for centuries.  In fact, it plagued the Royals in the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Both arthritis and Gout can affect any joint in the body, but Gout primarily affects the joint of the big toe, causing severe attacks that come on...

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