Month: June 2009

Vitamin B1 or Thiamine

Thiamine is known as the antiaging vitamin.  It helps the nervous system function properly, while regulating carbohydrates and aiding digestion as it helps prevent constipation.  It is also known to protect the heart muscle while stimulating the brain. Foods that Contain Vitamin B1 Include: Dark green leafy vegetables Legumes Peas Milk Eggs Wheat germ Whole grains Yeast Cereals Nuts Bananas Apples The Dangers of a Diet Lacking in Vitamin B1 A diet lacking in vitamin B1 has been known to cause serious disorders such as mental depression, chronic constipation, diabetes, weight loss, nervous exhaustion, and weakened heart. During an...

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Why Vitamin A Plays an Important Role In Antiaging

One could easily say that vitamin A is one of the most important antiaging vitamins around.  Not only does it prevent aging, and senility, but is actually believed to increase the life expectancy of humans.  Vitamin A nourishes skin and hair while extending youthfulness and is necessary for growth and vitality.  Those are just a few examples of how good vitamin A is for you.  Some others include preventing eye disease, respiratory infections, helps the stomach and intestines as well as the lungs to function properly. Foods that Contain Vitamin A Include: Vegetables: Green leafy vegetables Spinach Lettuce Turnips...

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